HiSET Scores

How are HiSET scores reported?

Scores for each of the HiSET tests are reported separately on a standard score scale ranging from 1 (the lowest) to 20 (the highest). Your scores on the HiSET tests are not the number of correct answers or the percentage of correct answers. The Language Arts, Writing Test score is a statistical combination of scores from Part I (multiple-choice format) and Part II (the essay format). College readiness can be verified through scores of 14 and higher on any one of the five individual sections on the HiSET.

What score do I need to pass?

Passing scores for the HiSET tests are set by the state, province, or territory where you live. Although the requirements may vary slightly from one jurisdiction to the next, score requirements are typically reported as a minimum standard score for each test and a minimum average standard score across all five tests.

The minimum passing standard set by the ETS Testing Service for each section of the HiSET is a minimum score of  8 on any individual test and an accumulated score of 45 overall. Most U.S. jurisdictions use this passing score requirement.

How should I interpret my scores?

Your HiSET test scores provide an estimate of your academic knowledge and skills in each subject area as compared to that of recent high school graduates. As with any test, the scores are not intended to be a complete measure of all you can do.

If you take the HiSET tests and don't meet the score requirement needed to earn a HiSET credential in your jurisdiction, you should contact your local adult education resource center or look into preparation classes or materials to help you brush up on your skills.

If you are taking the HiSET tests for college or university admission, check first with the institution to find out the minimum scores required for admission as well as other criteria you might need to meet for admission. A score of 14 and higher typically indicates college readiness.
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