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Our Community

Longfellow Parent Association

The Longfellow Parent Association is an dynamic, active parent group who work tirelessly to support the students and staff of Longfellow School and the the needs of the District and larger education community.  See the Parent Association link for more information.

Child Advancement Project (CAP)

CAP - The Child Advancement Project - is a school-based tutoring program designed to help children with academic, social or emotional needs. Volunteers meet with children once or twice a week to work one-on-one on activities which are directed by the classroom teacher. These volunteers make it possible to better meet the individual skill and personal needs of the children by providing academic tutoring, positive role modeling, and, most important, a caring friend.

Parent Liaison Program

"Three decades of research have demonstrated strong linkages between family involvement in education and school achievement." - (Riley, 1994)

The ability of parents to communicate effectively and solve problems with schools and the ability of schools to engage parents as partners in their mission to educate students directly impacts the child's ability to succeed. The Parent Liaison program is modeled on family support philoshophy which views every family as critical to the success of their children. Parent liaisons serve as the link between home and school to facilitate the development of this crucial connection. Liaisons are professionals who work as part of a school team.

Outcomes of Parent Liaison Program:

  • Increased understanding between parent and school with the success of the child as the common goal
  • Increased student academic performance
  • Increased school attendance
  • Increased parental involvement with schools
  • Increased positive interactions between school and family
  • Increased family access to community resources

The Parent Liaison program is part of a comprehensive approach that works in concert with CAP and the district counseling and prevention programs. The program has been recognized as a successful model by the Governor's Summit on Youth Task Force and Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory of Portland and has a powerful impact on outcomes for children.

MSU Connection - Longfellow embraces the programs available from MSU

  • Elementary Education Student Teachers are invited into some classrooms, HE, and music. These future teachers are mentored and included into classrooms for 12-14 weeks.
  • Elementary Education Paraprofessionals (Junior and Senior level) are also invited into many classrooms. These students observe and assist half day Monday through Thursday. The para rotation is every four weeks.
  • America Reads/America Counts are federal programs placing volunteers in classrooms for individual help of students in reading and math. Teachers request these volunteers.
  • Elementary Education Reading Intervention class provides trained volunteers to work one-to-one with at-risk readers at all levels.
  • Health Enhancement department conducts ‘Child Lab’. K-3 students travel to MSU where MSU students teach them active games. Fun!